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Washington DC
Can Moechella Take Go-Go Mainstream?
Justin "Yaddiya" Johnson started promoting go-go concerts as a teen in the early 2000s and later branched out to political activism. Today he's one of go-go's biggest boosters.
Washington DC
Where to Brunch on July 4th Around DC
Celebrate Independence Day with bottomless mimosas, brunch buffets, and lots of Benedicts.
Washington DC
Inside Scream and Soulside's New Albums
There's a perfect title that DC punk longtimers Scream could have tapped for their new album: Still Screaming. It's a shame, then, they already used it for their classic 1983 debut.
Washington DC
35 Places To See a Show Around DC
The DC area has so many great places to see a show that there's no way to be comprehensive. With that caveat in mind, here are some of our favorites, from historic theaters to outdoor amphitheaters.
Washington DC
5 Rising DC Musicians You Should Check Out
Bartees Strange's genre-blurring music has turned the indie-rock singer into one of the area's best-known young artists.
Washington DC
This Great Record Store Delivers DC Tunes to Your Front Door
Spin Time is a virtual shop focused on local sounds
Jon Lottman needs a record store.
Washington DC
Did Freemasons Bury Secret Treasure Beneath the Ellipse? - Washingtonian
On January 6th, 2021, Donald Trump held his notorious rally on the Ellipse, whipping his supporters into a Capitol-sacking frenzy. For this, it's possible that he will face criminal conspiracy charges.
Washington DC
The National Symphony Orchestra has Their Own Indie Record Label
The DC area has a proud tradition of homegrown, do-it-yourself record labels: Dischord, Teen-Beat, Sister Polygon, and many more. New to that list: the National Symphony Orchestra.
Washington DC
The Ultimate DC Summer Music Guide
What does Washington sound like? So many things! It sounds like go-go blasting from an open car window.
Washington DC
Red Sauce Italian-American Joint Caruso's Grocery Will Open a Second Location in North Bethesda
A little over a year after opening Caruso's Grocery in Capitol Hill, Neighborhood Restaurant Group and chef Matt Adler are already preparing to open a second location in the Pike & Rose development of North Bethesda this fall.
Washington DC
Why Some Washingtonians are Nixing July 4th Celebrations this Year - Washingtonian
Every year, Lauren, a social worker from Maryland, and her wife use the 4th of July as a reason to have friends over, watch fireworks, and eat good food.